Social Skills – Restaurant Etiquette


One of our “Real World Communication” resources, Restaurant Etiquette targets every aspect of eating out.  Our adolescent students on the verge of adulthood need to know more than just how to give their order to a server.  This resource includes skills such as when and how to make a reservation, what to say to a host or hostess, getting your server’s attention, paying the check, and how to handle issues like dropped utensils or order mistakes.  Perspective taking is emphasized as always, and includes treating restaurant staff with respect.

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Social Skills: Restaurant Etiquette

This activity addresses a life skill adolescents may not have much experience with yet, at least not for certain aspects including making a reservation and getting the check.  Eating out is a social experience even when dining alone because it still involves interacting with servers and possibly hosts/hostesses, cashiers, and busboys.  Therefore, it requires perspective taking.  With that in mind, I like to discuss how behaviors can affect others, such as why it’s not a good idea to arrive at a restaurant close to closing time, or why politeness matters.