Social Skills – Answering Job Interview Questions


This “Real World Communication” resource involves perspective taking, specifically how to attain desired impressions.  It provides step-by-step directions and plenty of examples on how to best answer the following common job interview queries: “tell me about yourself”, “what’s your greatest strength?”, “what’s your biggest weakness?”, and “why do you want to work here?”  I’ve found Answering Job Interview Questions to be a user-friendly, comprehensive guide that really helps student improve their interviewing skills.

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Social Skills: Answering Job Interview Questions

This worksheet provides a detailed guide to answering the top four most commonly asked questions in job interviews.  It gives step-by-step directions and includes lots of example answers.  The worksheet also describes how to use listener presupposition: thinking about the perspective of your communicative partner, in this case the job interviewer, when responding to questions.  More specifically, it encourages students to think about what impressions they want the interviewer to have of them, and then explains how to answer to give those targeted impressions.  After going over the worksheet together, we use role-play to practice.