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Lisa Flower

Reading Comprehension Packet

With this packet of eight products in their repertoire, speech language pathologists, tutors, and teachers will be able to effectively help their adolescent and young adult students improve their ability to comprehend and interpret content. The first two products, Word Roots and Prefixes and Suffixes, work directly on expanding students’ vocabulary, while the next, Using Context Clues, teaches students strategies for figuring out the meaning of unfamiliar words. Obfuscations is a favorite of my students: it appeals to both puzzle solvers and creators and is quite challenging. The next three products, Paraphrases and Meanings, Conceptual Relationships, and Conceptual Relationships Advanced, really focus on meaning, helping students improve their comprehension and subsequently their ability to express their ideas accurately. The last product, Leisure Time Language Input, includes an extensive discussion along with a homework sheet. So often I am asked by parents, “What can my son/daughter do at home to improve his/her language skills. I can’t get him/her to read a book.” This product provides the answer to that question. The discussion explains why and how there are many ways children can improve their comprehension other than by reading a novel or textbook, and includes a homework sheet that speech language pathologists, tutors, or teachers can assign to students toward that end.
Reading Comprehension worksheets in pdf
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Conceptual Relationships

Following a discussion on and examples of conceptual relationships, students complete a number of tasks on causality, contradiction, and specificity

Conceptual Relationships Advanced

Provides additional practice at identifying conceptual relationships involving more sophisticated vocabulary, more complex syntax, and subtler differences in meaning

Leisure Time Language Input Homework Assignment

The answer to many parents’ question: “how can I get my teenager to improve his/her language skills during free time at home?”

Word Roots Worksheets

Knowing word roots is one of the best ways to expand receptive and expressive lexicons. These two separate worksheets familiarize students with common word roots

Using Context Clues Worksheets

These three separate worksheets give students practice at defining unknown lexicon by using clues from the semantic context, thereby increasing their willingness to take guesses

Paraphrases and Meanings

Two separate worksheets provide students with pairs of paraphrased sentences, requiring them to identify and discuss subtle differences in meaning

Prefixes and Suffixes Worksheet

This simple worksheet provides students with practice adding chunks of meaning to known cores and familiarizes them with prefix and suffix use

Word Obfuscations Activity

One of my students' favorite language activities. Students expand their vocabulary and practice using a thesaurus through solving and creating obfuscations of common idioms

Reading Comprehension worksheets in pdf

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