Transition Words and Phrases – Writing Skills Worksheets PDF

Transitions Words and Phrases


This activity is a great resource for teaching kinesics (the ability to accurately interpret non-verbal social cues) and applying that skill to conversations.  Many individuals with Asperger’s have difficulty assessing another person’s interest in them.

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Transition Words and Phrases helps novice writers and students who struggle with language disorders express themselves with more clarity and complexity.  Using the handout that identifies eight different conceptual relationships and provides sample words and phrases that convey those relationships, students expand their knowledge of how ideas are semantically related.  Next, students gain practice both determining and expressing the relationship between pairs of ideas from the three-page worksheet.  I have found that because students derive familiarity with concepts, receive sample words and phrases, and practice expressing those concepts when using Transition Words and Phrases, they gain not only the ability to produce clearer and more sophisticated written expression, but also improved comprehension.