Social Skills – Attaining Targeted Impressions


Once students can understand the connection between appearances/words/actions and impressions, they can start to think about modifying how they appear, what they say, and what they do in order to attain a targeted impression.  This activity allows students to consider how they want to come across to specific people in specific contexts, and how their words and actions can convey their desired image.

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Social Skills: Attaining Targeted Impressions

Moving on from Impressions from Appearances, I talk with my students about how, in addition to our appearance, everything we say and everything we do gives others an impression of us.  Therefore, we have significant control over what others think of us.  We discuss how we would like different people in various contexts to have different impressions of us.  For example, we may want our grandma to see us as loving and kind-hearted, while at a job interview we probably want the interviewer to think we are responsible and hardworking.  Attaining Targeted Impressions provides four different scenarios that students can use to practice thinking about how they want to come across and what they can do to give those desired impressions.  Fill in the scenarios with situations that are relevant to your individual students’ lives.