Carnival Time – Writing Skills Game


This activity is a great resource for teaching kinesics (the ability to accurately interpret non-verbal social cues) and applying that skill to conversations.  Many individuals with Asperger’s have difficulty assessing another person’s interest in them.

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Carnival Time is an engaging writing skills board game for 1-6 players that consists of a game board, three reproducible stories, three reproducible grammar handouts, six character standups, one die, a sample completed story, and educational notes.  Players take turns adding to and modifying provided stories by following directions on spaces along the board’s path, such as find a verb and add an adverb, or find a general noun and replace it with a more specific noun.  Players also develop their stories by completing tasks such as adding a story title, omitting unnecessary details, and indicating points in time as required by different stations at the carnival:  the ticket booth, the fortune teller, the balloon dart throw, and the Sea of Love ride.  Carnival Time offers two levels of challenge.  More advanced students choose an emotional state, relationship status, or living condition for their characters, and work to convey their choice through the modifications and elaborations they generate.  Carnival Time provides a fun way for students to expand their vocabulary, advance their ability to use specific and descriptive language, develop elaboration in their writing, and improve their skill at conveying characteristics within a story using sophisticated means.

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