Private Consultation Sessions Over The Phone

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Private Consultation Sessions Over The Phone

Private Consultation Sessions

Eight private consultation sessions (60 minutes each) include:

  • Pragmatic language development foundation
  • Discourse on pragmatic language deficits including autism and theory of mind
  • Instruction of social communication skills intervention including perspective taking and development of empathy
  • Emonstration of product use
  • Hands-on training including group activities
  • Audio/visual presentations
Package includes the following materials:
Communication Skills questionnaire
Entering Conversations outline
Conversation Elaboration handout
Editing Verbal Narratives activity
Time Sensitivity activity
Verbal Narratives: Set the Scene activity
Kinesics and Conversation Skills activity
Polite Wording worksheet
Tact worksheet
Speaking to Different Listeners activity
Reader Presupposition: Writing a Complaint Letter activity
Perspective Taking activity
Developing Empathy activity

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